We provide high quality IT services.

We specialize in creating tailor-made IT systems that help our customers improve the competitiveness of their businesses. We also provide outsourcing of our specialists and project teams.

Because we have implemented many projects with commercial success, we have all competence to realize for our clients dedicated IT systems, such as:

  • web applications
  • internet portals
  • systems integration
  • mobile software
  • big data
  • business inteligence

Why us?

The foundation of our company is our team. These are people whose batteries are always charged, so we are full of energy and enthusiasm to realize new challenges.

Wide knowledge of many business sectors connected with communication capabilities allows us to carry out the process of identifying the needs of our customers and introduce the possibilities of modern IT..

Our skills and experience mean that we are able to propose and create tailored and optimized solutions.

We deliver scalable and secure software, which together with high performance and intuitiveness guarantee the satisfaction of users using them.

We take good care of the quality of our products. However, understanding needs and commitments of our clients we are open to compromise between the quality and the time of execution.

We are aware of the fact that each IT tool created by us has a mission of real support of our clients business goals. During cooperation this goals become ours.


Each of our projects is preceded by a detailed analysis that helps identify the need for specific IT solution in the enterprise. Depending on the requirements we use different methodologies of project management. We prefer Agile – which is equivalent with greater flexibility.

What is Agile?

If you do not have specialized requirements, or you can not exactly call them this settlement model will be perfect for you. By the fact that works are divided into smaller stages and each of them ends with a presentation of a prototype you will be able to evaluate and modify the direction in which your tool is moving.


We are constantly looking for new challenges and talented individuals to join our team. If you see an opportunity for potential partnership, or just have a question - please contact us.

+48 693 361 991 Ask about cooperation

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